On a recent Saturday in October, the Syracuse University’s football team made a valiant showing against Wake Forest. The 40-37 final score was not in favor of the Orange. However three boys from Elmcrest walked away from the Dome with big smiles on their faces.

Currently in residence at the boy’s Elmcrest cottage, none had ever been to a college football game before. Thanks to the generosity of a board member, they joined their supervisor for the game. Despite the gifted tickets; these boys earned their seats.

According to Program Supervisor, Pam Darwish, the children earn points for good behavior and practicing suitable social skills. “We use the Boys Town model of teaching, and for three months solid, there were no restraints nor critical incidents in their residence. They scored enough points for a special reward.”

This was special. Numerous staff remarked on how happy the boys were well after the game. They talked non-stop about the experience and their excitement and enthusiasm carried over for days. The Elmcrest staff is dedicated to changing the paths of these children’s lives. Pam described the values lesson learned as well, “these three are beyond grateful.”  

3 boys