Casey’s Place Respite Program

Casey’s Place, located in Syracuse, provides short-term respite services for Central New York youth, up to age 26, who have developmental disabilities and/or complex medical conditions.

Casey’s Place provides a break for caregivers while providing a safe, nurturing, accessible environment assisting children in developing socialization skills and peer relationships and offering recreational activities in a home setting and in the community.

Respite programs include:

  • Overnight Weekend
  • Overnight Weekday
  • After School
  • School Holiday Breaks
  • Friday Teen Night
  • Summer Day Program

Admission to Casey’s Place Respite Programs requires New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (NYSOPWDD) eligibility and enrollment in the OPWDD Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver or enrollment in the Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS) 1915C Children’s Managed Care Waiver.

Referrals to Casey’s Place for OPWDD youth are submitted to Elmcrest by OPWDD care coordinators and for youth enrolled in the 1915C Waiver by the child’s Managed Care Coordinator.

For additional information, please contact Elmcrest Disability Services: 

Ashley Shumpert (315) 492-9990,

Director of Disability Services – Elmcrest Children’s Center – Casey’s Place

Change Maker
About Casey’s Place

Bob and Sue Crichton, along with a small group of dedicated parents, embarked on a mission fueled by love and necessity to create Casey’s Place, a beacon of hope and respite for families facing extraordinary challenges. The genesis of Casey’s Place traces back to the profound experiences of the Crichton family, particularly their daughter Casey, whose premature birth catalyzed a journey of compassion and advocacy.

In 2002, amidst the backdrop of a severe homecare nursing shortage, Bob, Sue, and fellow parents rallied to raise an impressive $1,000,000. This financial feat was not just a fundraising milestone but a testament to the community’s unwavering commitment to supporting families with medically fragile children. 

The vision for Casey’s Place was born from a desire to provide solace and support for families grappling with the relentless demands of caring for children with serious disabilities.

Sue Crichton, alongside Diane Nappa and other mothers, initiated a support group, driven by the shared quest for respite amidst the ceaseless demands of caregiving. From this collective dream emerged the tangible reality of Casey’s Place—a sanctuary where families could find reprieve, rejuvenation, and companionship.

Tragically, Casey’s journey ended before she could experience the haven named in her honor. However, her indomitable spirit lives on, infusing Casey’s Place with a profound sense of purpose and legacy. The Crichtons take pride in Casey’s enduring memory, which symbolizes not only respite for parents but also joy and adventure for children who revel in sleepovers, parties, and summer camps within the welcoming embrace of Casey’s Place.

Valerie Capriotti beautifully encapsulates the transformative impact of Casey’s Place on her family’s life. Beyond offering essential respite, Casey’s Place has provided invaluable opportunities for siblings to thrive, for children to embrace adventure, and for families to grow together amidst adversity. The staff, donors, and the Crichton family’s boundless love and dedication have sculpted Casey’s Place into a cherished sanctuary, leaving an indelible mark on the community—a testament to the enduring power of compassion and selflessness.