With the cloud of war shattering this weekend across the world, the boys and girls at Elmcrest Children’s Center created a special message for the people in Ukraine. The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine, and they made a “hands-on” drawing with finger paints to show the depth of their concern.

The children at Elmcrest know what it is to be taken from their homes. Many have been removed from places of abuse or neglect. They come to Elmcrest for safety and find the hope of a better future. Having experienced their own trauma, they have genuine empathy for the people of Ukraine being displaced from their homes.

These boys and girls learned of the war from their teachers in Elmcrest’s campus school. Working with Literacy Specialist, Teresa Golembiewski, over the weekend, they created a banner showing their support. Mrs. G is sending this artwork to the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington to convey the children’s message of solidarity.