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At Elmcrest Children's Center,

“building on the promise of children and families” is the mission that we have pursued since our founding in 1845.

To best protect the promise of childhood, the mission of Elmcrest Children's Center is to create and deliver residential and community-based services to children and families that meet their needs as well as the needs of the community. Our values are simple, but they are the core of our mission, ourselves, our programs, our organization, and all of those we serve. Honesty. Willingness to learn. Dedication to purpose. Social concern. Self-examination.

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News and Events

Elmcrest Children's Center Opens New Universal Pre-K School at Westmoreland Park

FREE Pre-School a part of Syracuse City School District's Pre-K Expansion

Youth Development Professionals Wanted at Elmcrest Children's Center

People who love children encouraged to apply! Click the above title for more info and to apply!

Small Wonders Daycare

Small Wonders Daycare

It’s more than just a daycare. Our early education program is staffed by experienced teachers, social workers and therapists who focus on providing both typical and special needs children with a supportive, nurturing environment where they can develop early literacy, math and social skills.

Learn more about our daycare, schedule a tour or enroll today.