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With One Clear Voice…

The staff at Elmcrest recently completed the first phase of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) process led by Gwen, Inc. Gwen Webber McLeod’s leadership development team conducted 17 virtual informational sessions that were made available to all Elmcrest employees. The senior staff followed up by identifying strategic priorities and presenting these to the DEI committee.

The committee consists of representatives from each Elmcrest department and three board members. Their task now is to work on goals and actions based upon those priorities. The next steps will be to present these to senior staff and ultimately to the board.

According to Jerry Shannon, Director of Early Childhood Services and DEI Committee member, several areas were identified where systems could be strengthened. “Improved communications and better methods for the dissemination of information were identified as priorities. Policy and system changes may need to be addressed. Diversity in staffing might mean a need for new recruitment initiatives.”

The prevailing objective is to eliminate whatever barriers there are to diversity, equity and inclusion. In pursuing these goals, the senior staff has released this strategic statement: “With one clear voice to build a culture of belonging, inclusion, and equal opportunity by fighting racism and other biases.”