Today, we would like to share the story of a courageous little boy named Welles, who has captured our hearts.

Welles is a bright-eyed four-year-old boy who has faced more challenges in his short life than most of us can imagine. Diagnosed with epilepsy, developmental delay, and impaired hearing and vision, he has had to navigate a world that often feels overwhelming and confusing. But through it all, Welles has shown incredible resilience and strength, leaving a lasting impact on everyone who has the privilege to meet him.

Since April 2020, Welles and his family have been part of the Elmcrest Health Home Care Management program. This program has provided them with much-needed support and assistance, helping them cope with the daily demands of Welles’ complex medical condition.

As you may know, epilepsy brings with it a host of challenges. One such challenge is Welles’ sensitivity to heat, which triggers seizures when his body temperature becomes too high. The risk of overheating poses a significant threat to his health, and his family is seeking help to acquire a portable air conditioning unit that can regulate Welles’ body temperature and keep it within a safe range.

Imagine for a moment the fear and helplessness his parents feel, knowing that a rise in temperature could lead to a series of seizures and potentially land their beloved son in the hospital. A portable air conditioning unit, however, would serve as a crucial ally in this ongoing battle, providing a safe and controlled environment for Welles.

But the cost of such a unit is beyond the means of Welles’ family. That’s why we are asking the community to donate towards the purchase of a portable air conditioner for Welles. Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a real difference in Welles’ life. It will give him and his family the peace of mind they need, knowing that they can keep him safe and comfortable right at home. It will alleviate their financial burden and allow them to focus on what truly matters—providing the best care and support for Welles as he continues to grow and thrive.

Every child deserves a chance to lead a happy and healthy life, and Welles is no exception. By rallying together as a community, we can ensure that this brave young boy receives the support he needs to overcome his challenges and reach his full potential.

If you would like to contribute towards Welles’ portable air conditioner, visit the link below!