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Warmth Amid a Cold January

Last month, our Adopt a Family holiday program drew 42 friends of Elmcrest to sponsor another family’s hopes for gifts under the tree on Christmas. The families chosen to receive gifts were the parents and caregivers of children in our Elmcrest programs. All are raising their families amid very trying circumstances and often in poverty.

The requests from the caregivers were startling to read. Nothing extravagant here. Warm clothes for the children, hats, boots, PJ’s, a favorite toy, were on these Christmas lists. For themselves? Food, towels, sheets, cleaning supplies, a gas card.

Soon the conference room at Elmcrest was stacked with “Santa bags” full of these requests, all wrapped and ready to produce smiling faces on the holiday morn. This outpouring of generosity reached 62 families and a total of 300 individuals.

The donors brushed off the thank-yous, but they continue to arrive in Elmcrest mail. Parents, grandparents, children, all sending notes expressing joy and gratitude for such kindness from strangers. Warmth amid a cold January.