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The Science of Spring

The pond behind the school at Elmcrest's main campus is a pleasant surprise on a nature walk. More than just a bit of nature, this little pond is a treasure trove of science lessons. The children in the campus school often come here in class to explore the ecosystem. Elmcrest’s science teacher organized a spring clean-up of leaves and winter clutter in and around the pond. The children put in some fish, and the tadpoles are growing.

This also is the site of small circle gardens that the students are cultivating. And plans are underway to clear the paths and put down mulch. One of the students, with a love of agriculture, moved some bulbs and created a raised bed for more flowers and plants. Signage in the area identifies some of the surrounding plants and environment. The little pond is an important lesson in ecology at a lovely stop on a Spring day. 

Pond at Elmcrest
Spring brings new life to the pond and nature area on Elmcrest's main campus.