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Punt Return

Youth's get well/thank you card to donor

Last winter, COVID kept the boys in Cottage 11 in their own “bubble” on the Elmcrest campus. All the cottages were under quarantine and interaction between the residents was limited due to these restrictions. These major precautions kept the staff and students safe during the pandemic.

Noting that the children at Elmcrest were under such restrictions, Nurse Practitioner, Megan Fitzgerald, shared a story about her brother Michael, who was undergoing treatment in a cancer hospital in another city. Michael was discouraged due to setbacks and complications, but he remained a huge fan of the Buffalo Bills football team. He told his doctor ‘just keep me alive until the Bills play again.’

Nurse Brad Graham mentioned to Megan that the boys in Cottage 11 had created a huge Buffalo Bills banner. He suggested that they might create one for Michael. Instead of a banner they carried their kind wishes to him in individual notes encouraging Michael in his ordeal. Every note was in Buffalo Bills red and blue colors, with the team logo designed by each boy on every one.

Michael was surprised and very touched, and gifted Cottage 11 with a video game console as a thank-you. He also gave each individual boy $20 to help with the choices of games. The children were very excited and pleased to find their acts of kindness so appreciated. An unexpected punt return.