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Long-Term Loyalty

Mr. Jim Breuer, Chairman of Hueber Breuer

Jim Breuer joined the Elmcrest board in 1986 and continues to play a significant role in strategic planning for Elmcrest. Currently, he is part of the leadership team on our community campaign. Whenever expansions were needed to accommodate new programs for the children, Jim’s expertise proved invaluable. As president of Hueber- Breuer Construction, Jim’s experience and skill in design-build, construction management, and development helped facilitate the successful and affordable development and renovation of several buildings on the Salt Springs campus.

Elmcrest projects that bear the Hueber-Breuer hallmark include the renovation and addition of the Elmcrest administration building; renovation of the Weiting-Johnson Hospital and its conversion to Elmcrest campus school; the renovation of Cottage 11; the expansion of Building #6 and its conversion to a Recreation/Education facility for kids. Jim also oversaw the design and construction of our SPICE Early Education Center and the expansion of the Administration Building.

Jim has retained his allegiance to Elmcrest on the Advisory Board. Executive Director, Joseph Geglia, can attest to the value of Jim’s dedication and continued support of Elmcrest. “The impact that Jim has had on Elmcrest and the children we serve is evident in our growth over the last 35 years. You can’t walk across campus or through a building without noticing the contributions he has made. His continued involvement in the Center is a testimony to his commitment and concern for the children of our community.  More than ever, we are honored by our association with Jim Breuer.”

According to Jim, “Elmcrest is an easy organization to support. The work they do with children and families in challenging circumstances is excellent. I recall situations where more than one young boy, living in a threatening environment found the support he needed to succeed in school and guidance toward a better future. Many young children at risk have found a safe place at Elmcrest and the skills they need for education and future employment.”

The skyline of Central New York has Jim Breuer’s name across its horizon. Under his leadership, Hueber-Breuer, has created a considerable portfolio of noteworthy projects. His skill at the helm has built a legacy of excellence in his business achievements. Equally recognized and admired is Jim’s commitment to the betterment of his community. He is held in high regard at Elmcrest.