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Elmcrest Gratitude Month

by L.T., age 16
“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Anonymous.

All of the difficulties we’ve faced this year have made us cherish the most important things – our health, our home, our family, our community. But not everybody has even these necessities.

Because fall is a time for giving thanks, we asked the children served by Elmcrest Children’s Center to write down what they were thankful for. Their responses are humbling. They reveal what really matters to children and youth overcoming challenges not of their own making - children who want only to learn, grow and thrive.

Because gratitude is meant for giving, we felt compelled to share these writings with you. During the month of November, we shared these messages every day on all of our social media pages - LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram By liking, commenting on and sharing these messages, you'll jump start a gratitude attitude among your friends.

by D.B., age 16
by S.T., age 12
by T.T., age 16
by A.K., age 14
by S.G., age 10
by B.A., age 11
by T.K., age 9
by D.R., age 10
by T.H., age 11
by K.M., age 11
by E.R., age 13
by N.B., age 15
by R.S., age 15
by A.T., age 16
by J.S., age 14
by J.H., age 16
by T.W., age 14
by R.M., age 17
by N.W., age 14
by I.R., age 12
by K.F., age 18
by J.C., age 12
by Z.L., age 15
by D.C., age 12
by N.P., age 14
by C.C., age 13
by E.J., age 15
by J.G. age 11
by M.S., age 14