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Elmcrest children care for puppies

Mama dog Honey Pie and her litter shortly after their arrival at Elmcrest in November

Residential children at Elmcrest got to care for a litter of puppies this month as part of a collaboration with Helping Hounds Dog Rescue.

Honey Pie and her nine 11-day-old pups arrived on campus just before Thanksgiving. The children gave each puppy a name associated with their home state of Mississippi – Elvis, Jackson, Magnolia, Pearly, Percy, Rebel, River, Rooty and Yazoo.

The 30 children who took turns caring for the young family learned valuable lessons in dog care that they can add to their resumes. The puppies got the socialization they need to be adopted into homes that include children.

The most important benefits were intangible, said Shereen Webb, Elmcrest’s director of residential education and employment. As the puppies grew, opened their eyes and began running around, the children saw that each had its own personality, interests and needs. They saw that each puppy deserves care and attention. By providing that attention, the children were able to take a needed break from their own concerns.

The puppies, now seven weeks old, are weaned. They should be available for adoption in early 2022. Honey Pie is already reserved for adoption. For more information on adopting a rescue dog, visit the Helping Hounds website.

To support experiences like these that help children overcome major life challenges, make a donation to Elmcrest today.