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Dog Days of Summer

Syracuse Police K-9 Unit demonstration at ECC

Summer school at Elmcrest held a special session outdoors when two four-legged police deputies came for a visit. Jarda and Halk, two dogs from the Syracuse Police K-9 unit, were led by Officers Brainerd and Nye through amazing demonstrations on the Elmcrest campus.

The children witnessed how well the dogs listened and obeyed different commands. The officers demonstrated how these dogs are trained to assist in the field. Imitating a possible suspect, Office Brainard put on a special protective training sleeve. While Jarda watched and stayed in place, Officer Nye called to Officer Brainard to comply. When he refused, Office Nye spoke a command to take him down. The dog quickly ran and latched on to Officer Brainard’s arm. He released him after a further command.

The K-9 unit also has trained these dogs for special assignments. Jarda is an expert at detecting drugs. He has recovered more than $200,000 in illegal drugs off the street this past year. Halk specializes in detecting bombs. He clears the Dome before every game to make sure it is safe for players, staff, and fans to enter.

While the children were seated on the lawn, both officers and dogs greeted each one individually. Jarda and Halk made the rounds for friendly pettings from a grateful audience. A special thanks to the Syracuse Police officers for demonstrating one of the many ways in which they protect our community.