Specialized Sexual Abuse Services

Clinical assessment and treatment services are provided to youth in residence on the Elmcrest campus or in the community (Family Transitions Program) through the Specialized Sexual Abuse Services (SSAS). This program is for youth who have a history of committing sexually harmful acts or have been victims themselves.

SSAS provides Sexual Behavior Risk Assessments as well as Victim Trauma Assessments to clarify a child’s risk for having sexual behavior problems in the future. This also may provide treatment and supervision recommendations.

Assessments can be requested as part of a child's diagnostic evaluation, during residential care at Elmcrest or on an outpatient basis as requested by the youth’s county. Depending on the specific treatment needs, he or she may receive weekly or biweekly individual therapy, weekly group therapy and/or biweekly family therapy.

SSAS treatment focuses on safety planning, responsibility and empathy for victims, and healthy boundaries. Victim trauma treatment focuses on healing, empowerment, healthy boundaries, coping skills and developing a sense of control over one’s own life. The SSAS program emphasizes the need for family participation in order to promote the success of the youth in treatment. Family members are encouraged to become a part of the treatment process, safety planning and discharge planning.

For referrals, call Jaime Gaglianese, Director of Family Transitions at (315) 463-9413