Residential Treatment

Elmcrest offers two residential treatment cottages for children with behavioral issues. The program, separated by gender, focuses on helping youth develop coping skills and reach goals developed within their treatment plan by providing:

  • a trauma-informed approach
  • a caring, structured, reliable and safe environment
  • partnership with the youth's family/caretakers
  • collaboration with community support systems (county caseworkers, community-based treatment programs, the youth's "home" school, etc.)
  • mentorship opportunities which build relationships and esteem
  • development of the youth's academic needs
  • life skills opportunities and activities with a focus on employability
  • community activities and age-appropriate experiences for skill development and having some fun!

Youth live on campus in a cottage that provides child-centered treatment that fosters independence, strengthens existing abilities and helps each youth build upon the attributes that will aid them in becoming successful in their home, school and community.