Ready for Home

Ready for Home is a program for Onondaga County youth who have been in residential care on the Elmcrest campus. This program provides counseling and skill-focused services to youth and families to facilitate and expedite the transition from residential care to home. Young people participate in community and home-based activities. These allow them to apply insight and skills, developed during their residential program, to real-life situations off campus.

Boys and girls in the Ready for Home program volunteer at not-for-profit agencies such as the SPCA, and become employed in the community where they will be going to live. This ensures a continuation of activities and supportive relationships that they have developed in their community.

Skillbuilders from Elmcrest provide support for employment, school or volunteer placements. They also provide transportation and one-to-one skill-based opportunities in the child’s home and community while supporting the young person and providing feedback. Clinicians provide counseling and support to the resident’s family and siblings six times each month. They help them understand the young person’s behavior and provide effective means to manage it.

Ready for Home begins as soon as a boy or girl is placed in residential care at Elmcrest and continues for three months following discharge. Elmcrest welcomes inquiries from other counties wishing to participate in the Ready for Home program.