Residential Programs

"You might be temporary in their lives. They might be temporary in yours. But there is NOTHING temporary about the LOVE or the LESSON." –Tonia Christle


Elmcrest’s Salt Springs Campus is home to some 75 young boys and girls on an annual basis. These youth have experienced trauma in their lives or have disabilities that prevent them from being successful at home, at school and in their communities. While youth are living on campus, regular family contact and visits are expected with Elmcrest assisting with transportation to and from some visits where needed.

The coed campus, lined with 12 stately homes affectionately referred to as “cottages” and separated by program, houses anywhere from seven to ten youth who are under 24-hour supervision and receive medical, psychological and psychiatric services. Once youth are placed in residential care at Elmcrest, they immediately begin the Ready for Home program, and continue with the program until three months after they have been discharged. In addition, they attend the campus school, run by Syracuse City School District, use the modern Literacy Center, and participate in activities that foster their physical and emotional growth as well as learn values that help them develop positive character traits.

Currently, Elmcrest provides residential services to 19 counties in Central New York, and youth are referred by the Department of Social Services in individual counties. These departments submit an Elmcrest application, school and medical records, copies of both a birth certificate and Social Security card. These applications also include any additional  information that will assist Elmcrest in providing individualized and specialized care for each child.

For referrals, contact Marty Rathburn at (315) 446-6250 ext. 235 or Stephanie Grover at (315) 446-6250 ext. 234.

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