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Building on the Promise of...

This winter, Elmcrest gave a glimpse in to the lives of the children and families that we work with throughout the year. As we approach 2019 and look forward to our 175th anniversary in 2020, we are taking the time to reflect on our past with gratitude and embrace our future with enthusiasm. We know and understand the promise of children and families who can lead successful, independent and happy lives with the proper support.

Our promise of success is rooted in the very values upon which Elmcrest was founded. Early Intervention, Education, Employability and Family Services are the focus of our work. We believe that if we can access children and families at the earliest possible moment, inspire learning, provide them with employment skills, and provide solutions to all of the barriers to their independence, they will ultimately grow, develop and contribute to the success of our community.

As told in the stories of Walter, Mike, April and Daniel, Elmcrest hopes to continue to Build on the Promise of children and families for many more years to come.

Building on the Promise of Early Intervention

Building on the Promise of Education

Building on the Promise of Employability

Building on the Promise of Family Services