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Syracuse.com: Donor Brightens Elmcrest

Read the story on Syracuse.com: She grew up in foster care. Now, she’s brightening Syracuse kids’ home with 3,000 Christmas lights

Cottage #7 decorated by Jennifer Klestinez, owner of SHINE!

Cottage 7 shines with thousands of lights outlining the roof and landscaping around the residence. And this is a gift that has delighted the children and everyone within sight.

Jennifer Klestinez, the owner of SHINE! – is the generous donor whose company purchased the lights and installed them.  Growing up, Jennifer spent some time in foster care. She has memories of holidays spent in placement at a residence similar to Elmcrest.

“I remember -- if there were sad times -- I always tried to find something beautiful. I would lay on a snowbank, or take a walk. For some time, I have wanted to do something beautiful for the boys and girls here.”

This something bright and beautiful continues to bring happy smiles to the children in all the cottages. Elmcrest Special Events Coordinator, Janene Bartell said, “the kids are over the moon.”