"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." —Helen Keller

Elmcrest Children’s Center is a community of caring professionals providing services to children and families with a variety of emotional, behavioral, and developmental limitations. In order to help them overcome obstacles present in their home, school and community, Elmcrest staff focus on developing meaningful relationships in a teaching and learning environment that will enable each child regardless of age, gender, or circumstance to reach their optimum potential, point toward a productive future, and contribute to the success of their community.

Each day, Elmcrest Children’s Center’s 500 highly dedicated full and part-time staff members, along with volunteers, and interns from local universities, help to bring compassionate assistance and services to children and families living in Central New York. Our staff consists of highly skilled professionals with a wide variety of academic and employment backgrounds who work tirelessly to respond to the needs of those seeking our help.

Leadership Team

Joseph Geglia - Executive Director - jgeglia@elmcrest.org

Terri Tulowiecki - Associate Executive Director, Finance – ttulowiecki@elmcrest.org

Patrick Casey - Director, Clinical Services –  pcasey@elmcrest.org

David Hubbard - Director, Support Services – dhubbard@elmcrest.org 

Chris Iven - Director of Philanthropy - civen@elmcrest.org

Diane Nappa - Director, Developmental Disability Services – dnappa@elmcrest.org

Ashton Nelson - Manager, Human Resources- abnelson@elmcrest.org

Kevin Slimmer - Director, Continuous Quality Improvement – kslimmer@elmcrest.org

Jerry Shannon - Director, Early Childhood Services - jshannon@elmcrest.org

Allison Spaulding - Director, Residential and Community Operations – aspaulding@elmcrest.org

Shereen Webb - Director, Residential Education — swebb@elmcrest.org