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A is for Advocate

Alexis, Student Advocate at Elmcrest's Campus School

Her day begins with little voices waking up in Cottage 7 on the Elmcrest campus. Alexis Jackson arrives at 7:00 AM to help these seven-to-ten-year-old boys and girls get ready for the day. Brushing teeth and combing hair need only reminders, as these children are engaged in the Boys Town merit program. They know they earn points for engaging in appropriate behaviors and suitable social skills.

Breakfast then becomes the time for conversation about the day ahead. As a Student Advocate (SA), Alexis works with the children both in their residence and in their classroom, following them through the school day.

“These children are typically energetic and very sweet,” Alexis states. “I find them super entertaining. Make no mistake -- things can be wild -- there is always something going on.”

Alexis interacts with the children on behavior management in the cottage and then works side-by-side with the teachers to diffuse any disruptions in the classroom.

“These are the children who need one-on-one attention,” she continues. “They struggle to focus and because I am with them the entire day, I know their personalities and their needs.”

According to Elmcrest School Supervisor Karen Hensinger, Alexis is excellent at her job.

“She is adept at de-escalating difficult situations and is wonderful with the children. Alexis knows their triggers and can help with their stresses.”

Shereen Webb, Elmcrest's Director of Residential Education, describes Alexis as “passionate about the kids, and a great role model for our children.”

Three years into her role at Elmcrest, Alexis states, “I love my job. These kids teach me so much about myself. I love working with them, which is why I am back in school pursuing a degree in Social Work. I want to continue to become a better professional.”

Becoming a better professional is Alexis’ educational goal. The consensus among her Elmcrest supervisors and co-workers? She’s already there.