Our values are simple, but they are the core of our mission, our programs, our organization, and all of those we serve. Honesty. Willingness to learn. Dedication to purpose. Social concern. Self-examination.

At Elmcrest Children's Center, we are building on the promise of children and families by delivering residential and community-based services that improve lives.


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Goodbye Winter…

Students at Elmcrest entered an art contest during March and this melting snowman says it all. With warmer weather finally appearing, the boys and girls are looking forward to more outside activity. School remains in session with COVID restrictions, but recess might be everyone’s favorite class. Snow is melting on the basketball court and the […]

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Mischief Maker

The children at Elmcrest are engaged in a writing contest hosted by the campus Literacy Center.  Apparently a mischievous leprechaun paid a visit to Elmcrest and caused all kinds of silly trouble. The children have been challenged to write a story that tells of the mischievous night the leprechaun had. What did he do? Where […]

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