Supports and Services

Deciding to become a foster parent is a big responsibility that presents both challenges and rewards. From the day you pick up your foster child you will have access to 24-hour supports and services. We believe that by building a strong support group for both the child and foster parent, there is a greater chance of success. Elmcrest offers the following supports and services to foster parents in our program:

  • 24-hour guidance and crisis support
  • Specialized training for crisis intervention
  • Licensed clinicians who provide direct mental health and transition services to foster children, parents, and birth families
  • Skill Builders who meet with foster children one to three times a week to teach valuable skills while providing consistent weekly respite for foster parents
  • Monthly supplemental trainings from outside expert providers based on foster parent interest and need
  • Visitation coaching and supervision of visits, as needed
  • Transportation assistance to appointments and visitation, as needed